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About Vreme NDA

Since it was founded in October 1990 as a privately-owned and independent weekly, VREME has established itself as the most respected and most trusted newsmagazine of ex-Yugoslavia. Our staff includes some of Yugoslavia's most experienced and knowledgeable journalists who have been widely quoted in media such as The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Financial Times, The Guardian, Frankfurter Rundschau, Spiegel, Time, Le Monde...

For anyone seeking reliable information rather than tired propaganda, VREME's clear anti-war orientation has made it an indispensable source. According to the Los Angeles Times (March 23, 1993), VREME "provides a window on Serbia's puzzeling nation mind-set and explains the roots and the course of the [Yugoslav] conflict with chilling accuracy and detail."

Since foreign reporters and analysts frequently turn to us for unbiased and reliable information, we have created the VREME News Digest Agency (NDA). NDA's core activity is publishing a weekly English-language bulletin made up of VREME articles specially edited for foreign readers. We also offer special features on order, such as raw data and assessments on political, economic or military affairs, as well as forecasts, maps, graphs...

Along with major media outlets, our subscriber list already includes press agencies, embassies and international organizations including Reuters, UPI, ANSA, ICRC, UNPROFOR, UNHCR... Our subscribers pay us the only compliment that counts: they use our information, which they can get nowhere else.

We would like to invite you to join the list of satisfied NDA subscribers. We provide special discounts for smaller news or humanitarian organizations.


Zoran Stanojevic, NDA editor [Historic text]

About this Archive

This archive contains all the English texts available to us for the period 1991 to 2001. With no small amount of satisfaction we can say that no similar archive covers the seven year period of the Yugoslav crisis in English, and comes from an objective, independent source in Serbia.

The special significance of this archive is that it contains texts written at a time when events covered were current. That means that all texts are devoid of "the benefit of hindsight", and it is more than likely that they contain predictions and assessments which proved incorrect. In this way, besides all the information it makes available to you, this archive allows you to get a sense of the actual atmosphere at the time of the writing of these texts. If we add to this the fact that these texts are written by top Yugoslav journalists (VREME journalists and many correspondents) in a style that never lets you lose interest, you can rest assured that what you are getting is material that can be read like an exciting novel — a chronicle of a period in modern Balkan history.

The NDA archive is an irreplaceable source of information for all those who deal with the Yugoslav crisis: journalists, media corporations, professors, students, writers, analysts, historians, politicians and diplomats.

Rutgers University Libraries has been granted permission by VREME NDA to archive and disseminate the Serbian Digest via the Web.


Vreme NDA stopped publishing around 2001. For permissions, please contact the Vreme Editorial Office, .