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May 23, 1994
. Vreme News Digest Agency No 139

Dejan Savicevic, The only Yugoslav footballer who won two European Cups

by Velizar Brajovic

Date and place of birth: November 16, 1966, in Podgorica, Montenegro.

Nationality: Montenegrin

Confession: Christian Orthodox

Profession: Professional footballer

Additional professions: Humanist for his own sake

Career: Started and played in football club ``Titograd'' from 1981 to 1983. Makes his debut in football club ``Buducnost'' in the game against ``Crvena zvezda'' (``Red Star'') as an amateur, when he scored the goal and ensured the victory for ``Buducnost'' 1:0. He signed a professional contract in 1985 and until 1988 played 128 games for ``Buducnost'' scoring 51 goals. He transferred to ``Crvena zvezda'' when he won the State Championship in 1990 and 1991, the Yugoslav Cup in 1990, the European Cup in 1991, the Toyota Cup in 1991. He played for the world team in Oleg Blohin's farewell game in 1989. He signed a professional contract for ``Milan'' in 1992. Although paid a great deal he initially remained on the bench but has lately become permanent in the first team. The Italian fans are convinced that their ``Milan'' cannot win without Dejan Savicevic.

He can be proud of: Dejan Savicevic is the most successful participant of the European Cup Finals including all games since 1955. He has played 25 games for ``Crvena Zvezda'' and ``Milan'' in ECF and marked 17 wins, 7 draws and only one defeat.

Family situation: Married. Has son Vladimir. Doesn't own a luxurious villa.

Politics: Not a member of any political party.

Friends: Everybody from kindergarden to ``Milan.'' Doesn't forget anybody and is very popular since he always visits the football club where he started (``Mladost,'' but also ``Buducnost'' and ``Crvena zvezda''). He has recently bought complete sporting gear for all teams at ``Mladost.'' He gives a helping hand to all his childhood friends and friends he made in sports. There is a rumour in Podgorica that he helped the children of his friends who died young, built houses and helped them start private businesses...

Resume: ``I have nothing to do with politics because that would clash with my profession. I, personally, have no objections to communism, I had a good life then, there was peace and one could travel freely in the whole of Yugoslavia.''

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