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May 29, 1995
. Vreme News Digest Agency No 191
Bosnian Thunder

NATO Bombs Jahorinski Potok

First two US fighter bombers (part of the NATO southern command) attacked arms and ammunition dumps at Jahorinski Potok (two kilometers east of Pale) at around 16:00 hours local time. The raid was repeated at 16:25 against the same area.

All the aircraft returned to their bases and Serb sources did not report casualties.

A state of imminent danger was sounded in Pale but sources that could be reached said the situation was not taken too seriously. The Pale press center refused to provide any details until an official statement was issued. No officials could be reached at the usual phone numbers which means either urgent meetings or withdrawal to shelters.

Witnesses in Pale said only that they heard planes in the air during the first attack and a loud explosion from a height called Hodza Brdo where a communications relay is located and smoke later. No one could say whether there were military installations there although NATO southern command chief US admiral Leighton Smith said later the site was an ammo dump. The Pentagon confirmed the attack adding that the aircraft used precise, laser guided missiles.

UNPROFOR's Zagreb spokesman Chris Gunnes said the attacks were in retaliation for Bosnian Serb disregard of an ultimatum to stop using heavy weapons in the Sarajevo safe area, return weapons to collection points or withdraw them outside the 20 kilometer radius around the city. He also voiced hope that there would be no need for more attacks. The deadline for ultimatum by UNPROFOR Bosnia commander British general Rupert Smith expired at 06:00 on Thursday, May 25.

Radovan Karadzic threatened (before the attack) to consider the UN in Bosnia as the enemy in case of air strikes. "We don not recognize the UN as a factor of peace," he said.

The decision to strike was taken by French general Bernard Janvier, commander of the UN Peace Forces in former Yugoslavia, general Smith, and Yasushi Akashi the UN Secretary General's special envoy.

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