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August 10, 1996
. Vreme News Digest Agency No 253



We still don’t know whether we’ll get the biggest drinker of mineral water on October 4. The Yugoslav society for applying science in protecting the environment wants the Mineral, Thermal and Spring Water gathering on October 3-5 in Arandjelovac to include a water drinking competition. The winner would get a seven day vacation in the Izvor hotel and the next five runners up would get their weight in mineral water. None of them would be forced to drink a brand of mineral water they don’t like.


An unidentified crane operator cut through water main in Zemun recently, disappeared and left the street flooded and a suburb without water. The only thing we know about the perpetrator is that he’s from a privately owned company.

Vecernje Novosti commentator Zagorka Knezevic listed the things private companies are capable of doing and what private property leads to: "The authorities are trying to repair the damage and restore the water supply. Where were they a month ago when workers started digging up Zemun. Is it possible that they didn’t see someone was digging for weeks without permits.

The arrogance of private companies is also amazing. They accept jobs they’re not qualified to do chasing after profits. They left people without water and ran away but they don’t care. The only important thing is money."

Ice Cream

If you don’t know what’s healthy, you know what’s expensive: of the 28 types of ice cream the Belgrade consumers’ movement analyzed at the food testing center and university milk technology lab, just two got high grades. They are Mars and Dove milk deserts. Both were imported from France and are sold for eight and none dinars. Half the samples tested, all except one made by small producers, did not get passing grades.


The SRS attacked Belgrade Mayor Nebojsa Covic, the man who went to Atlanta as head of the national basketball alliance.

The SRS city board told a press conference that the mayor spent other people’s money in Atlanta while the city had water and transport problems.

You can’t please everyone. Another man who headed the water polo alliance (Zeljko Simic) wasn’t seen spending money in Atlanta. Maybe he was afraid he would get pulled into the pool if the national team won the gold.

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