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May 4, 1992
. Vreme News Digest Agency No 32
YU Merry-Go-Round

Pick of the Week

"When Slobodan Milosevic came to power, rock'n'roll died" - Rambo Amadeus, rock singer

MIODRAG DJUKIC, the Serbian Minister of Culture, gave an interview to the "Borba" daily. "Protestant and Catholic countries thought they could get Slovenia, Croatia, and a considerable part of the rest of Yugoslavia. They just got back their Alpine stable boys and chambermaids. We wouldn't give them anything else," he said.

About the opposition he declared: "Most of the time it is inconsistent, offering a vague, European program instead of lasting national values, leaving in most people the impression that it is treacherous, which, in fact is not far from being true."

About criticism in the press: "Immaturity, spiritual laziness, ignorance, cynicism and even illiteracy characterize most of the critically intoned articles in our press".

RADOVAN KARADZIC, a psychiatrist and the president of the Serbian Democratic Party of B&H, has foreseen, on the occasion of the forthcoming Easter holidays, a glorious future for his compatriots: "Serbs are now on easy street. They have conquered and secured their territories and will keep them; there's only one issue left to be solved before we complete our state: Sarajevo."

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