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June 13, 1998
. Vreme News Digest Agency No 349

Thursday, June 4 - Wednesday, June 10

Thursday, June 4
The Hague - Yugoslavia readmitted to the International Green Card Association.
Belgrade - The 1998 foreign trade deficit reaches 1011 billion US dollars.
Tirana - The Albanian Interior Ministry states that around 11,000 refugees arrived from Kosovo last weekend.
Washington - Bill Clinton signs a decree extending sanctions against Yugoslavia for another six months.

Friday, June 5
Pristina - The ethnic Albanian delegation fails to turn up for talks with Serbian authorities on Kosovo.
New York - UN Secretary General Kofi Anan deplores "the cruelty of Serbian forces" and expresses his concern over the situation in Kosovo.
Belgrade - Belgrade University students end their protest against the new university law.
May victuals for a family of four cost 2,892 dinars in Yugoslavia.

Sunday, June 7
New York - British and U.S. officials discuss the possibility of drafting a Security Council resolution giving NATO a green light for intervention in Kosovo.
Belgrade - The Yugoslav Foreign Ministry takes foreign diplomats on a tour of Kosovo. Ethnic Albanian terrorists launched 409 attacks on police units, refugee centres, and civilians in Kosovo this year, said David Gaji, head of the security service for Kosovo. "Eighteen police officers and 53 Serb civilians were killed in the attacks. Ethnic Albanian terrorists also attacked 143 compatriots they declared disloyal," Gaji stressed.
Pristina - Strong police forces crack down the 57th protest march by Kosovo's ethnic Albanians, who called that particular march "Kosovo is the world's biggest jail".

Monday, June 8
Luxembourg - EU foreign ministers ban all investments in Yugoslavia and freeze Yugoslavia's foreign accounts. Montenegro is exempt of these measures and told that its reforms will be supported.

Tuesday, June 9
Belgrade - The Yugoslav army's supreme defense council states that its troops are in full control of the country's border and territorial integrity. Telecom announces a 32 percent increase in the price of communication services.
Tirana - The Albanian defense minister put the country's troops deployed on the border with Yugoslavia on alert.
The Hague - The tribunal for war crimes says an armed conflict is going on in Kosovo and declares its competence to hunt down persons violating international humanitarian rights.

Wednesday, June 10
Belgrade - Dragan Kuburovic, rector of Belgrade University, hands in his resignation to the Ministry of Culture.

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