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September 12, 1998
. Vreme News Digest Agency No 362

This Week, Thursday, September 3. - Wednesday, September 9. 1998

Thursday, September 3
Belgrade - Christian Chartier, The Hague Tribunal spokesman, told the Belgrade -based Beta news agency that the Tribunal was investigating crimes that reportedly happened in Klecka and other places in Kosovo.
According to the Federal Statistics Bureau, a family of four needed 2,111 dinars last month for victuals, which is three percent more than in July.

Friday, September 4
Nis - The Greek consulate opens in this southern Serbian town.
Pristina - Ibrahim Rugova, the leader of the Kosovo Albanians, said he was considering a three-year transitional agreement.
Fatmir Sejdiu, a member of Rugova's team for peace talks with the Serbs, resigned because he was unhappy with the team's "readiness to negotiate irrelevant issues", says the daily in Albanian Koha Ditore.
Podgroica - The Montenegrin government opens a register public evidence for the property of its ministers.

Saturday, September 5
Pristina - John Shattuck, the assistant US State Secretary for human rights, says that Kosovo is under the Hague Tribunal's jurisdiction.

Sunday, September 6
Salzburg - The European Union adopts the decision to ban Yugoslav Airlines flights to and from EU countries. Montenegro Airlines flights from Leipzig to Tivat were excluded.

Monday, September 7
Vienna - The Yugoslav authorities refused to issue a visa to Freimuth Duveau, the CSCE representative for free media. Duveau was due in Belgrade to help speed up the process of issuing visas to foreign reporters.
Pristina - Ibrahim Rugova says that Kosovo's ethnic Albanians are determined to win independence by political methods. On September 7, 1990, ethnic Albanians adopted a Constitution declaring Kosovo an independent state.

Tuesday, September 8
Vienna - Dobrosav Veizovic, the Yugoslav ambassador in Austria, denied CSCE reports that the organization's representative had been refused a visa. According to Veizovic, Duveau never asked for a visa in the Yugoslav embassy.
Belgrade - The "Alliance for Reforms" presents its draft resolution. The alliance is led by Milan Panic and its members are the Democratic Party, the Civic Alliance of Serbia, the Democratic Christian Party of Serbia, the Social Democratic Party and the New Serbia organization. Dragoslav Avramovic, the former governor of the National Bank of Yugoslavia, addressed the inugurating session of the alliance.
Great Britain postpones the implementation of sanctions against Yugoslav Airlines for a year. Yugoslav Airlines stopped all flights to and from Germany.

Wednesday, September 9
Glodjane - An investigation starts in this Kosovo village where about 40 civilans have reportedly been executed.

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