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July 6, 1992
. Vreme News Digest Agency No 41

YU Merry-Go-Round

SPOMENKA JOVIC, one of the editor-in-chiefs of the Belgrade TV News, said recently: "This small Bosnian village has been strongly resisting until it got liberated".

 RADMILO BOGDANOVIC, the former Serbian Minister of Interior and a delegate of the Serbian Socialist Party, comments on the situation in Sarajevo for TV Novosti weekly: "I don't, of course, wish to diminish the responsibility of the Serbian army and Gen. Mladic in Sarajevo operations - that is another story - but all that is insignificant compared to the crimes committed over the Serbs in other parts of Bosnia-Herzegovina".

 HLOVERKA NOVAK-SRZIC, a former HTV (Croatian TV) reporter, told "Globus" (a Zagreb gutter press weekly): "To all those who say that I'm a pro-regime journalist, I can say that indeed I am, but this is a democratic regime lead by a party which was elected at the democratic elections".

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