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August 17, 1992
. Vreme News Digest Agency No 47

No Rules For Deaths

Serbian regulars and irregulars are torturing the civilians they round up from villages near Bosanski Novi. They take the "prisoners" in busses, torturing them on the way. Recently, only five out of 50 villagers from around Bosanski novi had reached the camp, for others were killed and massacred along the way.

Moslem and Croat population in Banja Luka is maltreated. In Kozarac near Prijedor, all houses, with people, were burned down, and charred bodies lie along the street. Moslem and Croats flee Prijedor illegally unless they have paid 10,000 DEM to some of the local Serbs. The Serbs cought in helping Croats and Moslems are punished by the "true" Serbs in the same way. They are arrested in the same camps. In Banja Luka, Moslem-owned shops have almoust invariably been blown up. Those that have not, stay closed, because their owners are threatened constantly.

Moslems and Croats have been removed from all major offices in the army of the "Serbian Republic of Bosnia-Herzegovina". For having uttered a wrong word, people are taken away or killed. A curefew closes at 9.00 a.m., electric power is cut off throughout most of the day, a state-of war-threat is proclaimed, and all serbs aged up to 65 years are mobilized.

The mobilized men from the area of Banja Luka municipality are engaged in war aroun Doboj and Odzak, where they mop up the field, which presumes the extermination of Moslems and other non-Serbs in the localities nearby.

Travelling from Banja Luka to Belgrade, one passes a multitude of predominately para-military checkpoints. The most essencial is the name and surname as stated in personal identity papers, while the usual question is: "Any Turks here?". If a Moslem happens to be here, this is the end for his journey: he is dragged out from the vehicle and liquidated on the spot.

Certain predominantly Moslem-populated places in the vicinity of Banja Luka, towards Prijedor, Derventa and Doboj, exist now only as names on maps.

The military communication line Banjaluka - Belgrade is very busy. Every weekend, trucks driven by Banjaluka reservists arrive carrying arms from barracks in the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. The entire operation is organized through the command of Banjaluka garrison, which receives also arms also with the assistance of Serbian forces from Pale (near Sarajevo).

One of the latest shipments of munitions to Banjaluka weighed one thousand tonnes of ammunition.

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