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February 21, 1994
. Vreme News Digest Agency No 126
An interview with Veljko Knezevic

The Return Of The Believer

"During my term of office as director of the TV Zagreb, I did not advocate the antiSerb policy, or the antiCroat. Many Serbs criticized me for not being a Serb enough. But I believed in the communist idea at the time. It's human to err when you believe in something.''

"My first and only task is the normalization of relations between the FR Yugoslavia and the Republic of Croatia. The FRY bureau in Zagreb will be engaged in practical matters.''

``My links with Knin are on the family nature. I have no other relations with Knin. Officially, I represent the FRY, not Krajina. Relations with Krajina which will be represented by its bodies of authority, and the Republic of Croatia will be direct and open.''

"It's not true that I was moving the equipment from the TV Zagreb to the territory of what is now Krajina. As the general director, I was not aware of the nationality of people working on the transmitters in Pljesevica and Celavac. But they were Serbs because the area is populated by Serbs. Furthermore, I had not organized the Krajina TV. They have done it themselves.''

"I was not aware that the Croatian police was using TV Zagreb's tapes of the arrests of Jovo Opacic and other people in Knin in 1990. I never saw a request to that effect, although they could have used the material arbitrarily.''

"I loved that other Yugoslavia and I still feel sorry for it. But that is a personal nostalgia. I am now serving the state that I will represent with all my heart. I believe in it.''

"I don't know what are the reactions of Serbs in Krajina to my appointment. I have many friends there and I'm flattering myself that they'll be glad to see me there. Serbs and Croats in Sibenik, Split, Zadar etc. do not want war. No one wants war.''

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