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June 27, 1998
. Vreme News Digest Agency No 351

This Week, June 18 - June 24, 1998

Thursday, June 18
Belgrade - Chairman of the Serbian Agricultural Department Vojislav Simanovi says this year's crop in Kosovo might go to waste. Especially concerning is the situation in the Pec brewery, which had to cut down its output due to severe shortages of coal and other production materials.
Pristina - The local education ministry says pupils going to secondary school won't have to take entrance exams.

Friday, June 19
North Carolina - Seven Albanian soldiers who took part in a NATO drill went missing and US marines are trying to locate them.
Belgrade - Pensioners receive the second part of their March pensions, averaging 534 dinars. The authorities announce lower pensions for May because of a 10 percent fall in wages.
Fort Stockton, Texas - The last of the five members of a separatist organization calling itself "The Republic of Texas" sentenced to 90 years of imprisonment.
Saturday, June 20
Moscow - A tornado swept across Moscow killing six, injuring 160, and slightly wounding over 1,000 persons. Most of the victims were hit by falling  panels and trees.
Athens - A ten-day NATO drill starts in northern Greece, close to the Macedonian border.  The object of the drill is to handle and accommodate refugees.

Sunday, June 21
Novi Pazar - Serbian police escort three busloads of prisoners from Kosovo.
Belgrade - The Yugoslav Army refuses the Federal Communication Ministry's  demand to install federal television relays in Montenegrin-based army barracks.
Nis - Two people killed in a head-on collision between a Lada and a Daewoo. Four kilograms of heroin and 200,000 German marks were found in the Daewoo with Macedonian number plates.

Monday, June 22
Sarajevo - A new currency called the exchangeable mark is introduced in Bosnia-Herzegovina. Bills of one, five, and ten exchangeable marks have been  put in circulation in spite of a number of printing errors. Their total value is estimated at 160 German marks.

Tuesday, June 23
Kragujevac - Around 2,000 workers stage an anti-war protest called "Alone  never again". Police prevented workers from Uzice, Cacak, Kraljevo, and Nis to join the protest.
Podgorica - The Yugoslav army starts a three-day tactical drill in Montenegro.
Osecina - Milovan and Dragica Milovanovic and Nicola Savic are sentenced  to 13 days of imprisonment for taking part in the February '97 protest.  They were charged with forcing their neighbor’s cart off the road by blowing their whistles and horns.

Wednesday, June 24
Vienna - The CSCE says that Bosnian citizens living abroad must register  with the local authorities by June 28th. Their votes at the general elections set for September 12 and 13 will reach the ballot boxes by mail.
Brussels - The resolution on freezing Serbian and Yugoslav assets in the  European Union comes into effect.

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"We will squash them like cockroaches," said Alexi Lalas before USA's 2-1  defeat against Iran in the World Cup.

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